Many Americans Are Missing Out By Not Refinancing Their Car Loan – Don’t Be One Of Them

Written by Liam W. Mercury | | Advertorial
Refinancing in has become the well-kept secret, even among frugal consumers. Most consumers don’t know they could save hundreds by refinancing their auto loan.
The good news is you don’t have to keep losing money by not refinancing your current car loan rates. With the potential for easily saving hundreds of dollars a year, it’s in your best interest to consider refinancing. More people are refinancing frequently because they’re becoming aware of this extremely simple but highly effective financially and beneficial option. With refinancing options online, the process is hassle-free. Indeed, refinancing can significantly decrease your overall car payments on a monthly basis. Since you may have taken out your original loan a while ago, a decrease in monthly payments and the overall loan is possible if you:
  1. Have been promoted or started a better paying job since you took out your original auto loan
  2. Were able to pay off a portion of your previous debts
  3. Improved your credit scores

If you’ve experienced any of the changes to your situation, you may be qualified for a significant rate decrease. This could mean saving up to $1200 each year.

COVID-19 has also had an effect on loan terms. With the economic upheaval of this pandemic, some lenders are offering more attractive rates to eligible borrowers. Incredibly, some consumers may be able to save hundreds a year just by refinancing.

Refinancing: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Consumers mistakenly think that refinancing is too much trouble to be worthwhile. But refinancing may be a simpler process than your original loan. With a few easy steps you can be on your way to a lower rate with refinancing. When Lindsley entered her loan information in she was amazed at how much she was overpaying for her current loan.
I can’t believe saving on my auto loan was just a few clicks away all these years. The easiest way to save hundreds of dollars, all. Dry clear and direct. Thank you Recyclx
Lindsley Yisraeli
*Savings example

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